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NeoFlash  Nintendo DS Flash Card - 3in1 GBA SP NDS Roms Flash.

NeoFlash linker for Nintendo DS and DS Lite allows you to run freeware nds roms and Golden Sun Tema commercial NDS game roms using a Magic Key (PassMe clone) and a GBA Flash cartridge. PassMe is a device designed by Natrium42 based on the first DS passthrough made by DarkFader using an FPGA dev kit. It redirects the DS to a GBA Flash cart, so you can run your own program on the Nintendo DS. To work it requires the use of a commercial NDS cart (for authentication) and a GBA Flash cart with your DS games.)

In NeoFlash kit the pass me is called - The Magic Key - MagicKey is pretty much just a manufactured PassMe. Nintendo DS boots to it, and it tells the NDS to load rom data off the GBA slot (neo flash gba card) INSTEAD of the DS game slot, and uses the commercial cart that's placed in the top of the Magic Key for initial authentication that is encryption bypass.

Sofar there hasn't been much info available, or the sales of NeoFlash unit itself for that matter, according to the manufacturer it'll start selling in May 2005, with an estimated price tag of US $200 for a 512Mbit version and US $269 for the 1Gigabit version. Game developers receive one 512Mbit set for free, hopefully that'll kickstart the NDS "scene" if it need such.

The PassMe a.k.a. PassTrough (Magic Key) adapter which tricks the NDS into running non-commercial NDS roms off a GBA cart has already been available for some time and works quite nice, but I'm sure the NeoFlash is welcome.

NeoFlash NDS backup flash Specification

The GBA / SP / NDS 3in1 Flash cart is coming soon!
Memory size form 512Mb to 1Gb
Support NDS cart save, Not for DSi.
With Magic Key Technology
Directly support many file format.
TXT / HTML / JPG / GIF / BMP / PNG / NES / SEGA GG / PC-E  / GB / GBA / NDS (Neo nds roms that is)

nds flash card linker neo

Using Metroid Prime Hunters as the commercial cart in the NeoFlash Magic Key testing commercial NDS roms backups:

• Metroid Prime Hunters : First Hunt (GST) -> Flashed and Worked FINE
• Super Mario 64 DS (DSi)-> Flashed and Worked FINE
• Polarium Demo -> Flashed and Worked FINE

GST = Golden Sun Team releases of NDS roms for GBA Flash Cards.

Neoflash has announced the first GBA/Nintendo DS backup unit. It will come in 512 and 1024 mbit variations, and several emulators (NES, SMS) and viewer applications (text, jpg) will already be built in. Savegames are supported, and the device can be connected to your PC comfortably via USB. A detailed review will hopefully follow soon.

R4 R4i DSi Flash

NeoFlash NDS


Nintendo DS Neo Flash


Roms / Cartridge / Method / Result
Metroid US / Metroid US / MagicKey / Works and Saves
Metroid US / Metroid EUR / PassMe / Works and Saves
Mario US / Mario US / Magic Key / Works and Saves
Mario US / Mario US / PassMe / Works and Saves

Mario US / Mr Driller US / FlashMe / Works and Saves

Watch out, these are not Darkfader's roms, but those from GoldenSun Team (we'll say GST, it's shorter). And they are not public at the moment. Darkfader's dumps don't work (which doesn't imply that they are Bad Dumps....)

For Nintendo DSi a new generation of rom backup cards: R4i AK2i ...

R4 R4i DSi Flash

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