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There are many ways to cheat on GBA games. Some gba cheats are built into the game when as other can be applied to the cartrdge using Action Reply or Game Shark cheating devices that plug into GBA and act as adapters between advance and the game cartridge blocking some of the game code to anable the desired cheats like yu gi oh gba god card cheat, sims bustin out gba cheats, yugioh dark duel stories cheats or pokemon ruby cheats for gba and tony hawks underground codes.

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Gameboy Advance Cheat Codes GBA Cheats

01 Pokemon Emerald
02 Pokemon FireRed
03 Pokemon Ruby
04 Zelda: Minish Cap
05 Final Fantasy I & II
06 Fire Emblem
07 Pokemon LeafGreen
08 Golden Sun: The Lost Age
09 FF Tactics Advance
10 Yu-Gi-Oh! 7 Trials

The sims bustin out cheat yugioh 7 cheat for harvest moon gba 6 pokemon ruby 6 tony hawk underground cheat for gba action replaygame shark cheat pokemon sapphire and pokemon fire red cheat legacy zoids gba sp spider man 2 yu gi oh. reshef of destruction action replay cheat code for final fantasy tactic need for speed underground pokemon leaf green. lord of the ring the return of the king cheats for fire emblem golden sun 2 cheat for yu gi oh the sacred card shining force. zelda a link to the past sim city 2000 the legend of zelda firered gba pokemon harry potter rom fire gba pokemon red emulator saphire. vba roms. the sims bustin out cheat codes splinter cell harry potter and the chamber of secret zelda sims.

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Yu gi oh world championship tournament 2004 batman cheat rise sin tzu worldwide edition gba gi oh yu 3 mario super harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban. for pokemon ruby version metroid fusion video game ruby monster rancher mega man battle network pokemon gold cheat juju power tak code the hobbit lord of the ring the two towers. mega man bass cheat sims busting out on gba pokemon ruby shark golf mario final fantasy tactic shark green leaf pokemon sonic battle hint 9 2005 madden buus dragonball z fury.

Gba dbz castlevania circle of the moon dragonball z simpsons road rage cheat dragon ball z game doom 2 lotr tower two medabots video bustin cheat gba hint sims action replay cheat code for gba. Pokemon ruby fire red final fantasy tactic and sapphire tony hawk underground gameboy advance tomb raider the prophecy harvest moon sword of mana emulator cheat codes the return of the king yugioh the sacred cards gba advance cheat codes.

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Just like the name suggest GB Color emu site

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Pokemon Emulator (VBALink) has the cheat option built into the drop down menu. Just don't let your friends catch you using cheats or they will not trade with you!

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Has to be noted that gba and gbc emulators that were created before Nintendo got the patent for it are legal.

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