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NINTENDO will make GBA Emulator?

In latest news - Nintendo is trying to attack the developers of gameboy and gba sp emulators by means of patent low. They have registered a patent for GAMEBOY EMULATOR - The US Patent ( 6,672,963 ), effectively makes any unauthorized Nintendo emulator illegal in the United States and threatens any reverse engineering of videogame's to promote interoperability and emulation by hobbyists.

Nintendo has used claims under this GBA roms emulator patent threatening Palm OS developers Crimson Fire Entertainment and Gambit Studios with their patent on emulation of handheld games on low-power portable devices.

NeoFlash NDS Flash Cards

The most discussed topic right now has to be the news regarding the NeoFlash copier which will allow you to run freeware nds roms and hopefully commercial NDS game roms using a PassMe clone and a GBA Flash cartridge. 

NeoFlash NDS Flash Card     Nintendo DSi R4i flash carts go 

Gameboy Emulation Resources.

Has to be noted that gba and gbc emulators that were created before Nintendo got the patent for it are legal.
GBA Advance Multiplayer emulators

Just like the name of the domain suggest GB Color emulator site.

Nintendo DS will play GBA & NDS Games.

NOA has informed the press that the new Nintendo DS (NDS) dual-screen console will be able to use both NDS Cart games (nds roms) and Gameboy Advance Cartridge based games (GBA roms). We have to note from our tests that near all Flash Cards that were used for Advance and SP work on DS, but you are only able to play Gameboy games and Freeware DS demos from them - not the commercial NDS games or old GB Color titles.

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Mari Kart DS

nintendo ds mario kart

What the hell - I thought an decided to resurrect GBAhell. There was no way in hell I was going to let it die. If there is haven there must be hell! GBA Hell - Gameboy Advance GBA Flash and Nintendo DS Flash Underground

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Our respected GBA underworld resources. We visit them a lot so you should find them interesting as well.

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